Get into Coaching!!!

Coaching Our Next Generation of All Stars!

There is no doubt that coaching youth sports can be a daunting experience. People are often put off because they feel they don’t know enough about the sport or don’t feel they have enough time. The thing is, anyone can help coach. Whether it be as a Head Coach of a team, an Assistant Coach or simply helping out on game day or at training, coaching is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. There is no better feeling than seeing all the hard work that players put in on a daily basis finally come together practice and games.

As part of our close-knit community, coaching provides a unique opportunity to deepen your involvement and make a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes. Here are the top 5 reasons why coaching with us is an experience like no other:

  1. Strengthening Bonds: Coaching brings you closer to your children as you share a common passion for the sport. Witness their growth both on and off the field, creating cherished memories together.
  2. Instilling Life Lessons: Through baseball, you have the chance to instill vital life skills like teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship, helping shape well-rounded individuals.
  3. Witnessing Triumphs: Experience the incomparable joy of seeing your players achieve their
    goals, build confidence, and reach new heights in their skills – a truly fulfilling experience.
  4. Fun and Camaraderie: Coaching at All Stars means fostering a positive and enjoyable environment. Be part of a team that celebrates victories, learns from setbacks, and forms lifelong friendships.
  5. Developing Leadership: Guiding young athletes hones your leadership abilities, helps teach effective communication, adaptability, and decision-making that extend beyond the baseball field.

Starting your coaching journey is FREE and it’s as easy as doing a couple of online courses.

Step 1:

All our coaches must have done the Sport Australia’s General Principles Beginning Coaching Course

  • Keep a copy of the PDF certificate that you will receive when you finish the course.

Step 2:

Apply for your Working with Children Blue Card. It’s free as a volunteer.

  • Make sure you save your application number. We will need that to link you with our club and complete the process.

Step 3:

Register for an account with USA Baseball here

Go to the Coach Certification section and enrol in the USA Baseball Coach “A” Certification. Having this certification will make sure you are accredited to coach Junior Baseball.

Check out the resources of Baseball Australia and Baseball Queensland here for more information about coaching. You can also download the USA Baseball Mobile Coach app here.

Take the step into coaching NOW. You won’t regret it.