Do you love stats, numbers and neatness?

Learn to score a Baseball game with All Stars

Baseball scoring is recognised as the most complicated and involved method of scoring of any sport…..but when a game is scored correctly, the scorebook will give a clear picture of the whole game from beginning to end.

All Stars is always on the lookout for scorers and anybody wishing to learn the rules and the symbols of how to score baseball would become a great asset to our club and you may find you appreciate the game more.

Clubs use the scorebook for stats and details when choosing their trophies at the end of the season and for publicity purposes during the season. During the game, a well-kept scorebook can be a great asset to the coach.

For a correct record of the game, all plays must be recorded and due credits given, therefore scorers are required to give their full attention. If while scoring you lose track of the game “Don’t Panic”. Always keep up with how the batter gets on 1st base or another base and keep up with the current play. You can catch up on the lost part later when you have more time. By keeping up with the batter’s actions, the actions of the other players and runners who were on base will follow.

Remember, scoring is FUN, especially if you learn to do it right!

Find out more at the Queensland Baseball Scorers Association